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Rocktail With Tiffany and Rob Floyd Entertainment Partner to Create Rocktail Boxes





Rocktail With Tiffany and Rob Floyd Entertainment Partner to Create Rocktail Boxes


September 1, 2023 (Nashville, TN) – Today, Tiffany is thrilled to announce her company Rocktail with Tiffany has partnered with Rob Floyd Entertainment for an exclusive cocktail line of Rocktail boxes available for pre-order HERE


“I’ve always wanted to work with Tiffany,” says Mixologist Rob Floyd. “She’s a spectacular performer as well as a fantastic culinary genius!”


Each Rocktail box features a Rocktail with Tiffany stemless glass along with the ingredients and recipe for one of the four new cocktails designed by Tiffany and Rob. The first Rocktail box is called Love Potion and includes blue tea and edible gold dust. These upscale, cocktail boxes do not include alcohol.


“I’m excited to work with Rob on this new cocktail line,” says Tiffany. “He’s the number one mixologist and it’s a great opportunity to learn more about the beverage world from the best!”

The second Rocktail box - Holiday - will be out later this year. For more information visit Rocktail with Tiffany,


About Rob Floyd

To fans and celebrities alike, Rob Floyd is the world’s hottest mixologist in town and the preeminent face of beverage entertainment. Not only has he starred on Bar Rescue as the cocktail expert for over 8 years, but he is the go-to celebrity mixologist for Access Hollywood and the Kelly Clarkson show and is the cocktail guru of choice for chefs like Guy Fieri and Jose Andrès. Being well known in the Hollywood circle parlayed into a collaboration with the ever-talented Cardi B as the two launched their own vodka infused whip cream - Whip Shots - in 2020.


Rob is the creative mastermind of his trademarked production, Cocktail Theatre that has been performed all over the world since 2012, from Vegas casinos to Macau arenas. When Rob isn’t live on stage, you can find him at his own professional studio and training facility in Nashville, Tennessee. From there, he produces a multitude of content and entertained over ten million people in professionally produced virtual events in 2022 alone. Rob is opening his first lounge in downtown Nashville on September 1, 2023. Sip Boldly.


About Tiffany

As the world knows Tiffany as a global music star, her superfans also know her as a chef and entrepreneur. Tiffany has been working on her cooking skills for a long time, from making a pot of pinto beans with her grandmother and cooking for her family at home and her band on the road, to competing on season 3 of The Food Network’s “Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off.”


Tiffany combined her love of music with her love of food to launch a cooking club in 2020 - Let's Food with Tiffany. During the pandemic, Tiffany also began hosting Takeovers at private events and restaurants around the country featuring a special menu item crafted by Tiffany and an acoustic set. These one-of-a-kind entertainment and culinary experiences, led to her launching Rocktail With Tiffany in 2021.


Tiffany recently teamed up with Guitar Foodie Tom Vrem to publish “Breakfast With Tiffany,” breakfasts and brunch recipes inspired by Tiffany's travels and Tom's never-ending quest for foodie bliss. She’s working on her next cookbook with Chef Alicia Shevetone.


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