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A Recipe for Success

As the world celebrates Tiffany as a global music icon, her devoted superfans know there's much more to her story—she's also a culinary virtuoso and a savvy entrepreneur.

Tiffany's culinary journey started early, from making a pot of pinto beans with her grandmother and cooking for her family at home to whipping up meals for her band on the road. Her passion and talent even took her to season 3 of The Food Network’s “Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off.”

In 2020, Tiffany fused her dual loves of music and food to create a unique culinary venture—Let's Food with Tiffany, a cooking club that offers an intimate glimpse into her culinary heritage. “I give my fans and cooking enthusiasts a front row seat to where I come from in cooking,” says Tiffany. “I pull from my Lebanese roots and my Mediterranean flair to give my members a little kick!”

The pandemic didn't slow her down; it inspired her. Tiffany began hosting exclusive Takeovers at private events and restaurants nationwide, delighting guests with specially crafted menu items and intimate acoustic sets. These unforgettable experiences led to the launch of Rocktail With Tiffany in 2021.

In 2023, Rocktail with Tiffany soared to new heights through a partnership with Rob Floyd Entertainment, introducing an exclusive line of four Rocktail boxes. Celebrity Mixologist Rob Floyd said, “I’ve always wanted to work with Tiffany. She’s a spectacular performer as well as a fantastic culinary genius!”

That same year, Tiffany and Guitar Foodie Tom Vrem released her first cookbook, “Breakfast With Tiffany,” a delectable collection of breakfast and brunch recipes inspired by her travels and Tom's relentless quest for foodie nirvana.


And the culinary adventures continue—Tiffany recently teamed up with Las Vegas celebrity chef Alicia Shevetone to work on another tantalizing cookbook titled “Pop Life!” Stay tuned for more updates as the cookbook nears publication.

Tiffany's journey from music star to culinary artist is a testament to her boundless creativity and passion, offering her fans a delicious taste of her extraordinary world.

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